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Communication Bank credit clerk(accommodation,two-day weekend, over 3000 yuan monthly)

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Communication Bank credit clerk(accommodation,two-day weekend, over 3000 yuan monthly)

Responsibilities: to remind,supervise and guide customers timely repayment.
Qualifications:college degree or above,be patient,careful,responsible.good communication skills and dedication,fluent in mandarin,be able to analyze and solve problems independently.teamwork spirit,excellent customer service awareness.honest and trustworthy,good attitude,personality,cheerful,good learning ability, working experience in customer service is preferred.
Salary:Probation period:basic salary 1700+transportation subsidies 220+meal supplement 220+full attendance 100+performance,total salary is about 2500-3000.
Positive:basic salary 1900+transportation subsidies 220+meal supplement 220+full attendence 200+performance,total salary is about 3000-5000.
Work time:8:30-11:30 13:00-17:30
Work place:Qianshui Road 66 high-tech zone (Qianshui Road and Yonghe Road intersection)Tianyuan Dike science and technology park,take bus to small enterprises park stop.(accommodation offered)
Training with salary for 70 yuan/day, annual holiday with payment,social insurance,entry physical examination.
Have holidays by turns,rest 8 days a month,have good career promotion channel and broad development prospects.
Tel:0551-63410560 15655229989 (Teacher Zhang) resume can be handed directly on the internet

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